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Himsan's Silicone Extruded Gaskets are widely used in Bakery machines and Clean Room Panels. Extruded rubber Products are designed for use in a wide range of sealing, like Door profile, Dore Gaskets, Rubber cords, Rubber tubes etc. Extruded Gaskets are available in a variety of materials, in both standard and custom sizes and shape, (Colored & Transparent). Our proprietary compounds are designed to perform in a wide range of applications with varying chemical exposures, pressures and temperatures. We are available in below categories silicone door seal, silicone extruded profiles, silicone seals and gaskets, high temperature silicone gasket, silicone rubber gasket, rubber profile, extruded rubber profiles manufacturer, extruded rubber products manufacturers, silicone cord manufacturer
  • 2017-05-30T06:07:31

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