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Silicone Food Grade Rubber Sheeting is of high quality, made from pure silicone rubber with a hardness of 60° shore A and in accordance with FDA [Food & Drug Administration – Department of Health and Human Services]. This sheeting has a smooth finish and is suitable for medium heat applications. Himsan Polymer's Silicone Sheets are well known for its use in food, pharmaceutical and other clean industry applications. It is a resilient material capable of maintaining many of its properties at extremely low and high temperatures. Silicone will keep constant even at high temperatures, but should not be used with high pressure steam. Silicone has excellent resistance to heat (dry air), at +200°C intermittent and will remain flexible at low temperatures of -70°C and is also resistant to ultra-violet light, Ozone, sea water and weathering. Silicone also exhibits low in flammability and low smoke toxicity.
  • 2017-06-24T06:17:15

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