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Premium Rubber Extrusions | Rubber Inflatable Seals | FBD Gaskets Rubber inflatable seals are a very effective rubber seal used in a range of industries from the pharmaceutical to the nuclear sector. Himsan Polymer has a range of standard rubber inflatable seal profiles in stock. This enables us to offer 24 hour delivery on many types. Rubber inflatable seals can be used for a variety of applications, where sealing two surfaces that move in relationship to each other is required. By introducing a medium such as air or fluid, a rubber seal will begin to expand at a specified rate until a determined size of inflation is achieved. We supply in FDA approved Silicone; in blue, white and red. Other compounds are available. Why use Rubber Inflatable Seals? They only seal when you want/need them to. They do not suffer from premature loss of compression set. Once pressure is released, the rubber will retract to its original shape. They will effect a seal or clamp force even when the two faces are misaligned. Fast efficient assembly and disassembly is enabled.
  • 2017-06-23T08:25:32

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